earAt DSD Interactive, our typical development process consists of:

Exploratory Meeting

First, we have an initial, no-charge/no-obligation exploratory meeting. We do a lot of listening – our main goal is to understand what you are trying to accomplish with your project. We also discuss managing the project, pricing, and a range of options or possible alternative solutions.

Content and Requirements Analysis

Next, we conduct a content and requirements analysis. To do this, we engage with a client to identify and document your requirements for the proposed system. We construct a list of needs, as we flesh out an overview of content and the requirements for the system based on those needs. The outcome of this phase a site plan which guides us in the next phases.

Visual Design

A conversation to discuss look and feel takes place to help determine the appearance of the finished site. We discuss preferences and possibilities related to color usage, fonts, and layout as they relate to the content discussed in the previous phase. We draft a set of graphics to serve as options, solicit our clients’ feedback, and revise as necessary until the visual direction is established.

Development, Deployment, Launchlaunch

After a client has signed off on visual design, we develop a working prototype of of the site. Using the site plan and the approved design, we create the pages and begin to populate the site with the client’s content. Key to this phase: a client has the opportunity to see their site as it develops into its final form – and the opportunity to provide feedback at every step along the way. Also in this phase, we review and implement steps to account for domain name registration and site hosting.

Training, Ongoing Maintenance, and Administration

We offer training for using WordPress content management system, enabling our clients to make content changes to their own site. We are also available work with you in making these changes, as well as adding features and troubleshooting problems.